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Evenings out in Almuñécar

As well as our popular day time excursions we offer you a variety of fun filled night time activities based right here in Almuñécar, such as genuine Andalucian flamenco or a tour of the very best the old Arabic town has to offer by the way of tapas bars in our ever popular old town Tapas trail

Flamenco & BBQ night

A great night out at one of the best flamenco displays local to Almuñécar, including a superb barbeque dinner.  Old atalaya (watchtower) at Pozuelo Beach

Andalucia is the home of Flamenco and no visit to southern Spain would be complete without enjoying at least one flamenco night with it's exotic guitar playing, dancing and singing.

The best dancing, singing and music is to be found at the Venta Luciano, which is a fabulous venue just 10 minutes outside Almuñécar in neighbouring Torrecuevas.

The evening begins at 21:00 with drinks which include local wines, beers, non alcoholic beer and soft drinks, with a fantastic olive wood barbecue.  You'll be served mixed meats, salads and more and be entertained while dining by local minstrels. After the BBQ you then move to the show area seating to be entertained by a Sunset over Playa de Velilla, Almunecarvariety of flamenco performers.  You will witness and be enthralled by the exhilarating, challenging and physically stimulating art of the flamenco dancers, as well as the guitarists and singers. It's worth saying that these are not local waiters dressed up for the night (!), but are true flamenco artists from local Gitano backgrounds.  Occasionally we get visiting players / dancers from other towns as well, so the night is pretty well always an excitement and a great experience.  

This wholly memorable evening also includes your transport to and from Venta Luciano.

Old Town Tapas Trail

Come and join us for a fun night out sampling the local tapas in authentic Spanish bars.  Here in Andalucia we still enjoy "free" tapas with our drinks as has been the custom for years, or they can be ordered as more substantial servings as raciones


"Tapa" actually means "lid", and it is believed that the name originates Chorizo tapasfrom the historic practice of putting a small slice of bread over your wine glass to stop flies having a free drink (Alhambra brewery actually produce tins of cerveza with a foil tapas for this purpose to this day).  Over the years, enterprising bar owners started to adorn the bread slices with the likes of olives, slices of cured cheese or air dried hams and thus the art of tapas was born.

Nowadays the dishes can range from simply a plate of the freshest olives, perhaps with a few slices of the superb Jamón serrano (air dried ham) to more elaborate dishes such as  small bowls of pork or chicken stew.  Alternatively a couple of the freshest charcoal grilled sardines may be offered, or a small plate of locally caught mixed pescadito frito.

Tapas Trail in the old town

The Tapas Trail will take us on a tour of the old town below the ArabLos Fenicios (1987) by Miguel Moreno on Paseo Puerta de Mar castle so you can soak up the atmosphere of the narrow cobbled streets with their myriad bars and shops, while the tapas soak up the alcohol!

The trail will visit at least six authentic local bars, where in each you can take your pick of either a tubo (medium beer) or a copa (glass) of white or red wine to enjoy with your tapas.

Come and enjoy a truly Andalucian experience!

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