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Travel & Transfer Arrangements

Nowadays, it is usually much more cost effective for you to utilise the budget airlines flying direct to Malaga, or perhaps Granada, from your nearest regional airport, rather than us trying to provide a limited number of flights from the likes of Gatwick & Manchester and you having to incur travel / accommodation costs in the UK. Also, experience tells us that delays seem to be much less likely using regional airports and thus we recommend staying clear of the large hubs if possible.

Airport Transfers as scheduled are included in your holiday price.

A selection of links are provided below for your convenience, or you can use a travel agent, on-line flight broker or search engine to find the best deal from your local regional airport. Scroll down - or click these links to jump to the following choices:

Flights - Malaga (San Javier) Airport

The best flight prices are usually those obtained by booking direct (and booking early!).  Either SkyScanner or the Travel market flight search engine are worth trying, as they list all airlines, including budget, flying from your choice of airport - you then book direct with the airline.

Also, we have listed on our budget flights to Spain page any flight sales or special deals we are aware of.

Top Flights Tip

Remember that you don't have to use the same airline for both the inbound and return flights - many clients use easyJet or Ryanair coming out, and then return with BA, Monarch, Veuling or Norwegian.  And, we can easily do non Sat to Sat holidays for you if flight pricing is an issue.

 Malaga airport is approximately 58 miles (94 km) from Almuñécar - approx.  60 - 75mins journey time Airport Transfers as scheduled are included in your holiday price.

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Granada (Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén)

At the time of writing there are limited flights from UK into Granada.

Granada airport is a bit further away then Malaga at 63 miles (100 km) - approx. 90mins journey time.  Transfers from Granada can be arranged - Contact us for details.

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Airport Transfers

Complimentary day time transfers to and from Malaga airport are included in the price of your holiday where indicated.  Normal arrival and departure times for Sat to Sat holidays are as follows, but as always if you can get a better deal on off peak flights just let us know.

Pick-up from Malaga:  Saturdays 08:30 - 15:30
Return to Malaga:       Saturdays 07:00 - 15:00 (approx. your flight departure time minus 3 3/4 hrs)

Please bear in mind when booking flights that if you land later than approx. 15:30 on a Saturday you may miss the welcome meal. 

In order to keep prices down there may be a short wait for later flights - This also aligns with our stance on reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible by not running vehicles inefficiently.

Out of hours transfers

Late evening and night time transfers (21:00 - 07:00) are subject to small supplement of €50 per vehicle (1-5px) per leg.

Dedicated Taxi Transfer    -    See below

Taxi Transfer

A taxi transfer can easily be arranged to or from either airport.  Prices do tend to vary a bit depending whether it is a Malaga city or local Almuñécar cab, but expect to pay in the region of €90 each way for Malaga for a local cab from Almuñécar - around €100 each way for a Malaga based one.

Wherever possible we will coordinate taxi sharing to keep costs down unless requested otherwise.

  Contact us and we will have a local driver waiting to greet you in arrivals and whisk you straight to your hotel.

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Self Drive Deductions

Self Drive Car Hire

Car hire is not essential on our activity holidays as your airport transfer from Malaga (as above) as well as all internal transfers to and from activity sites are included.  However, for those  wishing to hire a car we offer the following discount on-line, or alternatively we can organise a car locally at a later date if you wish.

           15% Discount with Helle Hollis

We offer all our clients a 15% discount on Helle Hollis car hire from Malaga airport.

In order to obtain your discount simply use the link from this page. You will see the discount right away when you make your booking.

The Malaga collection office is just 800m from the terminal, with their courtesy bus stop right outside the arrival hall. The courtesy bus runs continuesly and the office is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Helle Hollis are one of the leading independent car hire companies in this area, with 33 years experience, and have a fleet of around 1,000 cars on average no more than 6 - 8 months old - if you wish you can check out their customer reviews.  Refreshingly, there are no daft rules regarding petrol - you simply pick it up with a full tank, which you pay for on arrival.  If you return it full you get a 100% refund, 75% full 75% refund, down to 25% full 25% refund.  Simple!  

You will find the roads a lot less crowded than those in England, and the motorways now are all of a very good standard.  If you decide to self drive please let us know which airport you are using and we will send full details and a map with your final confirmation pack, as well as any information we have on any road works or diversions which may effect your journey.

Malaga airport is approximately 58 miles (94 km) from Almuñécar.  This is an easy drive straight along the E15 Autovía del Mediterráneo which will take you around an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half depending on traffic around Malaga - we will supply you with full directions.

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Bus / Coach

Alsina Graells run good modern and punctual coaches from Malaga coach station which call at Almuñécar.  There are several departure times from around 07:00 through to 19:30 in the evening  - return journeys 01:30 through to 21:15 (N.B. local time).  Check their web site ffi (in a variety of languages).  Malaga coach station is fairly centrally located (about 15 min walk to the main shopping area) so it is quite possible to spend a bit of time shopping or sight seeing if you have time to fill.

The coach station is around a €15 taxi ride from the airport, or there is a transfer bus which runs about every 30min and used to cost €1 (allow between 15 - 30m depending on traffic).  The direct route from Malaga to Almuñécar takes 1h 30m, and costs around €6 (yes, just £4.00 for a journey that long!!) though there are a couple of other routes which take in more villages and are thus longer.  Alsina's web site has a drop down box for each route which handily shows the names of the stops plus ETAs.

It's worth noting that the coaches are usually very punctual, and if there's a queue it will be a Spanish queue (so get ready to stand your ground or you will simply wind up at the back!).  You will usually need to load & unload your own bags from the luggage bay - so watch out for which one the driver opens to let the offloading passengers get theirs and get in there swiftly.

If you let us know which coach you will be arriving on we will meet you at Almuñécar coach station and transfer you on to your accommodation.

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Activity & Travel Insurance

Please note it is a condition of booking that a suitable insurance policy is held covering the activities you partake in.  See our sports and activity holiday travel insurance page ffi.


There are no train links to Almuñécar from either airport.

Carbon Offset Your Flight

Concerned over global warming / impact of travel on the environment?  See our eco policy for details of how you can help and how to Carbon Offset your flight & holiday.

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