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Flexible Booking System

How we provide you choice via a flexible booking system

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We offer the widest choice of holiday activities for everyone to enjoy on their adventure holiday, and for families most are suitable for over 10s. 

Our booking system allows different persons to do different things - so if you want to work on your golf handicap, or practice your mountain bike technique, while others simply want to hit the water park or go riding, then that's just fine with us. 

How does this work? 

Simple - We send you an Activity Planner with your booking confirmation, on which each person can indicate their individual choice of activity.  On this we also capture any additional information needed (such as heights for bike frames / wet suit sizes).  We then compile this into your individual Activity Itinerary.

This system gives great flexibility, in so far as couples, groups or families may choose to enjoy different activities in the day before meeting up later to swap stories and experiences.

So, if you are into, say, horse riding but your partner prefers walking & mountain biking, you can simply tailor your holiday so that each of you gets to do what they like best, by selecting the appropriate activity pack for you. 

Tailor made itineraries can also be provided for Group Bookings.

And don't forget - we handle all the bookings, advanced reservations, ticket purchases, travel arrangements, etc. for you - so when you arrive it's all Totally Sorted! 

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