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Self Guided Activities - Route Note Packs

Our pre-defined routes are all fully annotated with accompanying maps as necessary, Totally Sorted Sports Logo & Addressesalong with suggestions for various stopping places, lunch & tapas stops, as well as notes on the sites and scenery you will see as you pass through the delightful countryside. 

Non are overly technical, with most being chosen to give a great experience of the countryside and the spectacular views of the the surrounding mountains and, of course, the sparkling blue sea that all combine to make Andalucia such a magical place.


Additional notes are given regarding any difficult or hilly sections, as well as any short cuts home which may be possible.  Suggestions for refreshment stops are given, as well as full notes on the places of interest and views you will see.

A separate illustrated points of interest (POI) sheet is provided for most routes, which identifies a selection of key views, architectural / archaeological sites, flora & fauna etc and is cross referenced to the route notes.

All our pre-defined routes are graded for your safety and convenience, with a five point scale of technical difficulty as well as a separate five level "Goat Grade" which range from one goat (ascents and descents up to 150m) to four goats (ascents & descents over 1000m).  Click here to see more info on route grading.

The following are included in the route packs:

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