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How we grade our routes

All our route notes have a full overview which containsTotally Sorted Sports Logo & Addresses (amongst items such as length, duration, stopping places, etc) two specific sections relevant to route difficulty grading:

Basic attributes of route

The first section is based on a series of easy to understand icons which give, at a glance, the basic attributes of the route.  The icons used are a five point walking route grade, a five point cycle route grade and a "Goat Grade" (which defines the vertical ascent / descent on the route - and thus how strenuous it is likely to be -  which ranges from one goat (ascents and descents up to 150m) to four goats (ascents & descents over 1000m).

This icon rating system enables you to quickly identify from the portfolio of routes available those which would be of interest to you.  It's not meant to be detailed - that comes in the second section - but is simply a tool which helps you sort the routes into similar styles or types by giving a broad brush description of kind of going you will encounter.

Detail on route

The second section expands on the icon's overall grade, giving you a more detailed overview of the routes key features highlighting any obstacles or difficulties you are likely to encounter.

Additional notes

Also included are full notes on the length of the route, duration, stops & rest stops, short cuts if any, rest stops, as well as the logistics for pick up if required.  Separately, a cross referenced illustrated points of interest (POI) sheet is provided for most routes, identifying a selection of key views, architectural / archaeological sites, flora & fauna etc.

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