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Gorge Walk

Starting just just 30mins along the coast, we head off on foot to follow the river up it's valley.  Most of the walk is either alongside or through the river, which is usually around ankle deep in summer. Further up we stop for a picnic lunch and get the chance to relax in the rock pools.

  • Gorge Walk
  • Gorge Walk
  • Gorge Walk
  • Gorge Walk
  • Gorge Walk
  • Gorge Walk

Typical Gorge Walk

After parking up and sorting out rucksacks, water and lunches we have a quick safety brief, before setting off.  We then follow the valley up as it narrows through a series of gorges, picking our way along the river, and working our way up stream, criss-crossing the river on our way.  

Higher up the gorge you will pass through a series of narrower marble gorges, some only a few meters wide.  Further up stream we stop at some rock pools and small waterfalls where you can cool off with a swim before returning.

Cameras a must, as the scenery is pretty spectacular and there's always a chance we may see mountain goats or wild ibex.  Great fun for all ages!

Most of the walk is in the streams / river so there are loose pebbles and rocks underfoot on occasions, but this is a great day suitable for pretty well all ages, as the route is only very gently up stream.  Higher up there are some small boulders and river banks to scramble up and down for the more adventurous.

If this sounds great then don't forget our fantastic canyoning day, which is always a best seller!

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