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Gym Sessions, Fitness and Weight Training

For our clients who are interested in fitness and weight training while on holiday, we can arrange either day membership or personal coaching sessions at a choice of local gyms.

Gym Equipment

The gyms are all fully equipped with an excellent range of free weights as well as all the usual modern machines such as leg press & separate hack squat, leg extension & curl, calf m/c, as well as a hip ab / adduction m/c.  Upper body is taken care of with flat & incline benches, a choice of  fly machines, lat m/cs, seated rows, two four station high & low pulleys, etc.   There is a Smith machine, as well as a variety of fixed and incline benches, roman chair, and stomach benches and ab & back machines.

CV training is handled by a selection of cross trainers, bikes and steppers for those wanting to train indoors, or of course we have the glorious paseos running the length of the beaches for jogging while you are on holiday.  Regular spinning classes are held in a dedicated studio, complete with sound system and lighting effects.  Toning classes are held in a further two separate studios - just ask for details.

Sports Massage

We can also book proper sports massage by a fully qualified practitioner. Please NB that these are full on sports massages, concentrating on specific areas / underlying problems - for beauty / relaxation massage please see our Spa section.

Activity Requirements / Notes

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