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Dive Sites on The Costa Tropical

This is just a small selection of our favourite dive sites on our doorstep in and around Hermit crab and coralAlmuñécar & La Herradura - there's something to suit every certification level!  The exact sites dived will, as always, depend on wind direction and local conditions, but basically for a west wind (poniente) which is the more usual direction we will be in the bays to the east of Punta de Mona / Marina Bay.  In the event of an easterly (levante) wind or calm conditions then Tres Picos area will be more sheltered with better visibilty.     

Fraggle Rock

Shore dive. This is a solitary rock protruding from the sea bed; the west side has a depth of approximately 16m with the east side deeper at approx 22m. A short distance from the rock there are 2 cars at around 25m as well as a wrecked fishing boat slightly deeper at 27m.

Depth:    16 - 22m

Expect to see: Nudibranch, Scorpion fish, Large conger, Breeding octopus, Moon (Sun) fish.

Marina Bay

Shore or boat dive with multiple dive options to east, centre & west of bay and deservedly very popular.  A cracking dive site, with enough options and ever changing conditions to make it a firm favourite of ours (every weekend dive centres from over 100km away drive here to dive this site).  To the east of the beach is a cliff wall with an abundance of nooks and crannies to investigate. The centre of the bay offers a secure area perfect for training and courses. To the west another cliff face offers fantastic rock formations all the way to point of the bay. (NB Current increases as you approach the point).

Depth:    8/25m

Expect to see: Moon fish (sun fish), Large Octopus, Castanet clouds, ‘Hands of Death’ sponges.

Tres Picos

Shore Dive (Giant Step from ledge, ladder back out) or boat. Three large rocks just off the shore covered in fauna, with nice swim throughs.  Best time to dive it is late morning through to the early afternoon in order to get the best contrast light which gives a beautiful spectrum of colours.

Depth:    6 - 16m

Expect to see:    Alcyonium, Asteroids, Three tails wrasse, Bream, Mullet, Fredis, Castanets

Punta de la Mona

Shore Dive. Recommended for experienced divers only, and particularly good for lovers of deeper dives.  Rocky start finishing at depth on sand with a beautiful yellow coral field at around 30m depth.

Depth:    12 - 30+m (Max 50m)

Expect to see: Pollack, Dentex, Sea bass, Moonfish, Yellow coral field.


For the Gibraltar day we dive the Camp Bay artificial reef project, which is a protected area with no spear fishing.  As a result there is an immense wealth of marine life. Two dives in the day gets you 5 individual wrecks (6 if you include a sunken car!)

Dive 1 - Batty’s barge followed by the Royal Navy 482M. This immensely impressive cable-laying barge was deliberately sunk in 1990 as part of the artificial reef project. Sitting upright in 18m of water, the 482M is 30m long. Wreck Specialty Divers can penetrate its engine room, while all others can marvel at the huge variety of both large and small fish.

Dive 2 - Three more barges, two sitting upright and one on its side with holes cut through for swimming through.

Depths:    2m/18m

Expect to see: Nudibranch, Scorpion Fish, Large Grey Mullet, Dentex, Octopus, Spider Crabs.


 A day trip offering a variety of dives and depths from introductory DSDs to deeper diving.  Long cliff wall to side gives home and shelter to a variety of marine life with lots of nooks and crannies.

Deepths: 2m/25m

Expect to see: Nudibranch, Scorpion fish, Conger eels, Moray eels, Octopus, Cuttlefish.


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