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4x4 Off Road Buggy Safaris

Our brilliant off road buggy safari is a top pick for everyone!  These fully road legal buggies are brilliant fun in the lanes of the surrounding hills & mountains - especially in the heat of summer!

Each off road buggy seats two and is equipped with "full race" style harness seat belts and hip hugging bucket style seats for your maximum comfort and security, as well as lights, indicators, etc and are fully licensed and insured. 

  • 4x4 Buggy Safari
  • 4x4 Buggy Safari
  • 4x4 Buggy Safari
  • 4x4 Buggy Safari
  • 4x4 Buggy Safari
  • 4x4 Buggy Safari
  • 4x4 Buggy Safari

Typical Buggy Safari

On arriving you will be given a full briefing on the safe driving of your off road buggy, and get plenty of opportunity to familiarise yourself with the controls - automatic gear boxes make them simple to drive.

 After answering any questions we then set off for a short drive, before stopping for a quick check that all is well, final last minute wing mirror adjustments if needed, etc.  Then it's off up along the local quiet roads stopping to check the stunning view over the Mediterranean, the into the hills.  Depending on the route we may pass thorough white villages where we may stop for cold drinks and get the chance to buy home made ice creams, as well as local bread & cheeses - or perhaps we'll head off high into the mountains to stop for a tapas style picnic.

Ample time to stop for photo sessions or water breaks in the summer, and truly a unique chance to get out into the stunning country side and really discover the beautiful protected areas around the natural park. The views and scenery from high up are absolutely stunning, so don't forget your camera or video as you are guaranteed to get some fantastic shots.  Please note that this is NOT a high speed or racing type activity - we use the buggies to get high into the hills in order to get the best views and do not engage in a racing or speed testing type event.

If you love your off roading and have a m/c licence then see our Motocross Trail Riding

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